Get Started

If you’d like to have custom electronics designed for your cosplay or prop needs, you can reach me through my Contact Us form, as morganfeldon on Skype, or via Cosplay Light & Sound on Facebook. We can then choose the best communications via e-mail, Skype, Discord, etc. to plan out your project!

My projects thus far which have been guided through the research, planning, discussion, design, testing, and delivery stages:

  • Quantum Leap Gummy Bear Handlink [season 3]
  • Quantum Leap Gummy Bear Handlink [season 4-5]
  • Quantum Leap Wristlink
  • ESO Remembrance Music Box
  • ST:TOS Nomad Probe Electronics Kit

My projects which are still in the development process:

  • Voyagers! Omni with electronics
  • Quantum Leap “Calculator” Handlink

and much more is in the early discussion stages!